Ten Eternal Blondes And Blonde Escorts in London

Eternal Blondes Top Ten
“Gentlemen prefer blondes” – we haven’t said that, it is a popular movie from the 50s. The real truth is that all men are crazy about blonde ladies and in our experience we can confirm it with much higher demand of blonde escorts in London than any other type of girls. We have decided to think about this together with our escorts in London and some of our favourit customers who are the ten most impressive blondes. We had many arguments and discussion on the topic and some of us has made compromises but finally we shortened the list to only ten eternal blondes.

Marilyn Monroe Famouse Blonde

Marilyn Monroe – The Most Famous Blonde.

There is no way that we can start this list of eternal blondes with another one. Even if she doesn’t sing us a happy birthday song as she did to Kennedy. Marilyn is an incredible blonde petite babe with unforgettable charm and sex appeal. The London escorts that we asked always start by naming her as one of the most famous blondes.

In Ponju Escorts we have one girl who looks very similar to Marilyn Monroe and is an incredible blonde escorts in London. I am talking about Natalie – blonde escort and party girl for just £80 per hour.

pamela anderson nude

Pamela Anderson – The Blonde Baywatch And Playboy Star.

Who haven’t dreamed about the blonde bombshell from Baywatch and which man hasn’t heave a deep sigh looking at her Playboy pictures. This is the women who made the silicon boobs famous and the sexy blonde that every men picture in their mind when talking about blonde escorts in London. Not to mention her sex videos and naked picture in the internet.

In our list of working escorts in London there are only two really good looking ladies, Natalie is with bigger breasts and Julie is also cute and nice looking blonde with European origin. But we have some other escorts in London who are very busty and remind of Pamela Anderson.

Madonna Sexy Eternal Blonde

Madonna – The Crazy And Naughty Blonde Singer.

During the 80s the world become crazy about sex again and take out of the wardrobe of time the sensual and sexy blondes. On the stage comes the petite blonde singer with Italian roots and vicious manners. A lot of naked body, fetishes and blonde hair is what shoots Madonna straight to the top. And we have to admit that our blonde escorts in London are right and most of the time during all her periods of famous times she is actually really attractive.

In Ponju actually all of our escorts in London are with a character like the sexy blonde Madonna. They are party girls and with very naughty souls so expect to be stunned any time you meet one of our London escorts.

anna nicole smith
Anna Nikole Smith.

Well, this blonde woman was amazing – tall, busty and with amazing smile that doesn’t go down. We can only say that women like her – beautiful and gifted model just can’t go without being noticed. It is enough to look at the picture above and to appreciate this incredible blonde which will stay in the eternity with her charm and sexuality spread over the camera. And a thing to have in mind is that our sexy blonde escorts in London can be hotter than her, but not so famous. These ladies are not just blonde by hair, but blonde by soul – which means that they are light, silly and easy to go by. Girls that like to have fun just like this famous blonde lady from the world of models.

Kim Basinger Sexy Blonde In London

Kim Basinger – The Movie Star With Blonde Hair.

One not just sexy but also very cute blonde from the list of sexy, eternal blondes. Amazing and juicy lips, a killer look which can gets to your soul, goddess body and all this shown in full light in the movie “Nine weeks and a half”. The sexiest blonde in the 90s also has a tender and innocent image and behaves nicely.

The sexy blonde escorts in London are not so tender girls in general, only if you want them to be. They are not shy and innocent for sure, but if you want we can find you a girl who has Basinger’s lips and body.

Caudia Schiffer Beautiful Eternal Blonde
Claudia Schiffer – The Most Famous Blonde Model.

It is really hard to forget the angel like blonde Claudia Schiffer, who without a doubt is one of the most beautiful women of all times. The famous blonde model from the 90s and one of the best payed models of all times is incredibly beautiful, with measurements perfect for the industry. Until nowadays she is still an example of a beautiful blonde model that other are happy to follow as an example. Some of our blonde escorts in London are big fans of her and still remember her beautiful presence. Not to mention that she was a face of advertising campaign of hair colour. Guess what was the colour? – Blonde of course. One of the most beautiful blondes in the world advertising a blonde hair colour – makes sense, right?

uma thurman

Uma Turman – Unique Blonde With Cold Beauty.

She is an eternal blonde from our top ten list that is elegant with unique cold beauty that she shows in Gattaca (1997) and these attributes of her can not left someone apathetic. This type of impression are staying somehow out of time and eternal. Exactly that type of blondes are staying always modern. And that makes her one of our top ten ladies rated especially by the best blonde escorts in London from Ponju.com.

Charlize Theron Beautiful Blonde

Charlize Theron – Blonde Escorts In London Top Choice.

This was the only beautiful blonde that the whole team of blonde escorts in London and agents are absolutely agree that has to be part of our top ten. All her roles in movies, even as a brunette are brilliant and more than impressive and her beauty is un-doubtful. She is a blonde of the highest calibre – cute, tender, with sexy lips, tall with amazing legs and tight body, perfect boobs.

Can’t say that we are the company that will hook you up with Charlize Theron as this is impossible, but we have very beautiful blonde escorts in London that can match your dreams of sexy companion.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley - Hot Blonde Model

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – The Blonde Sexy Model From Victoria’s Secrets.

We have decided that we have to put at least one of the young blonde models of Victoria’s Secrets in our top ten. She is a model, she is tall, she is slim, she is crazy sexy with her long legs and naughty face. Her lips are just to dream of sucking them and her legs are as long as you can imagine. Rosie is a dream girl for many man in the world but she is busy with one familiar Londoner – Jason Statham. But don’t regret as we from Ponju can offer you many other gorgeous blonde models for just £80 per hour. Some of the best blonde escorts in London are here and you have the chance to grab them now.

victoria silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt – The Blonde Model With The Longest Legs.

This woman is not just blonde beauty, but she is a model that used to be the one with the longest legs in the industry. Can you imagine to get your hand through all this sexy flesh… now can you imagine these legs of one of the most famous and eternal blondes to be wrapped around your body? This is my personal dream for a long time. But when she is far and high, there are always beautiful blonde escorts in London who can do the job for just £80 per hour.

We are always on the line to help you satisfy your fetishes with blonde escorts in London and blonde London escorts, call them however you want, but they are beautiful, sexy and come in all shapes and personalities. Just have a look in our gallery.