Five Mistakes Your Woman Does, But Cheap London Escorts Never Will

Cheap London Escorts by Ponju EscortsDon’t get fooled by the title, this is not an article in the style of some dumb women’s magazine. Here we will talk about the mistakes and even disasters that women do under the sheets. And if someone of you still hasn’t crushed with any of this drama, here he can get prepared.

But we won’t only talk about the wrong side of the things, we will talk about the right things too. And more particular how cheap London escorts are professional companion and with the point underneath we will just prove it. They really are great girls who know what they are doing and how to do it without the drama and silly mistakes that only a newbie would do. We hope that this article will convince you that the to choose cheap London escorts from is a reasonable thing and many times it would be the better choice instead of dating a newbie in the dating life.

Hygiene is the most common mistake

We don’t want to get in the details of it, but the woman should be and remain the symbol of perfectionism at least in the physical aspect of the word and at least at the beginning of a relationship. As one friend says “The better you know the person next to you, the worst it gets”. So let’s keep the illusion the longest we can, that women are perfectly smooth, don’t sweat, don’t use the toilette and always smell gorgeous.

When it comes to dating cheap London escorts, even if you are a regular customer they will always be prepared like for a first date. Toned, smooth with all that cream that smell so sexy and always clean. They don’t go out without doing their best to be prepared and to tempt men. This is their job and cheap London escorts will not go to work unprepared.

“I am still a little girl!”

Don’t rush to rub hands, we are talking about an honest infantilism that is shown in the sheets of animated heroes, a pile of plush toys, pink clothes, a hairstyle with the typical two tails and many more childish things. May be many women still believe that this is sexy and are trying to provoke some hidden fetish to our school girl friends from once a pone a time, but this is definitely a wrong turn. Boys may want to go out with girls but men want to be with women – that simple.

And believe me cheap London escorts have become women a long time ago. They are all grown up women, who have lost their virginity and have become women. Some of them are mothers and if that doesn’t make you a woman I don’t know what can. But that won’t kill the spark between you two, that will only make you feel a man, when you date with cheap London escorts.

“Oh, not like that”

Another Gorgeous Model From Cheap London EscortsVery, very complicated situation. You may not be Ron Jeremy and to have been with less models than Leonardo Di Caprio, but this is not a reason for her to criticize you. The least that this will do is to improve your performance, and more likely it will make things worse. In the great movie “Her” the actress Olivia Wild (she shows up for a minute or two and blew our minds of) had the same logic and attitude and was explaining to the main actor how he should be kissing. In short a major turn-off thing.

Well Cheap London escorts might actually teach you something, but they are great in that. They won’t be judging and just showing and leading. There is a massive difference when you receive a lesson from a professional, such as cheap London escorts and from someone who just want to adapt you the their way of doing it. Cheap London escorts will actually teach you how women like it and how you can be the best in bed. But don’t lie to yourself the best way to learn is to practice. So start now with booking cheap London escorts from Ponju Escorts.

When she wants to be the boss! Cheap London escorts will just adapt to your needs.

So, there are some men who don’t mind and they even accept with wide open arms to play games where the woman is dominatrix and he just listen and execute like a good dog. We won’t judge you if you are among these chaps, please calm down. But it is very awkward if the rules of the game are not pre-decided and she decides to surprise you with coming all with leather and prongs and until you realise what is going on you are tightened up with a rope, a gagball in the mouth and she is beating you hard with a whip. The rest we can leave to your fantasy.

We from Ponju Escorts actually don’t have that type of cheap London escorts. We don’t offer that. Some of the girls may agree to do it, but this is all about negotiating between you. It is all a matter of your personal life. In general cheap London escorts won’t do it. And in terms of being bossy – cheap London escorts will follow you, you are the boss and they will obey. Well not to everything because it is just a work for them and they can just do what is in their wish list.

Being fake is not a cheap London escorts attribute.

Brunette In Red - Ponju EscortsMaybe the most glorious mistake that women do in the bed is to imitate that they are enjoying it and we don’t talk only about orgasm but that they feel good all the time. Yes the neighbour may envy you, while he is drinking his beer and listens to the howling and screaming, but it is almost certain that you will find out that this was fake, especially if it keeps going for more than a half an hour. We know and realise that there are extremely experienced in this form of “art” ladies, cheap London escorts are exactly that. And they will manage to delude you but we would recommend them to use their skills on the stage if they are actresses, and if they are not please just forget about any kind of mono-performances under the sheets.

As we mentioned before cheap London escorts are professionals and they know how to fake an orgasm very well and to fool you that they really liked it the whole time. But please, this is really an art and the end point is you to enjoy it. You know that and if you want you can just tell them before the meeting not to pretend that they are having the time of their lives. At least cheap London escorts will listen and you can be very open to them for any suggestions. They are not your girlfriend so no offence taken. Cheap London escorts are not only beautiful ladies but also smart and professional.

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