Five Comparisons Between London Escorts And Amsterdam Sex Workers

In Amsterdam there these ladies called sex work and this is so much different in the Netherlands than to any other place in the Western world. For one thing, it’s legal to london escortssell sex and to work it officially. And for another, it’s displayed on the window for sale, just like shoes or clothes.

London escorts are girls that are just companions, they do not sell sex officially, which doesn’t mean they are not doing it with customers. It is just not for sale and it is discretely between the lady and the customer who have already been with her and paid for her escorting services.

Any day of the week, hundreds if not thousands of sexy and attractive women sit behind displays or called them windows, if you wish, in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District to sell sex in full light in the middle of the day amidst gawking stag parties and tourists. It’s quite a culture shock for many visitors, to be sure, who instantly become curious about how this whole thing works. Last week I was shown all the real truths and hidden realities of the Red Light District, by taking an ex sex worker with huge experience and look for details.

In London thinks are completely different, I have even heard people wandering where is the prostitution of one of the biggest cities in the world. It is obviously it there is such, but it is absolutely un-seeable for the normal tourists and visitors. Here it is mostly online with the search of the simple words London escorts. Here is a bit more complicated, but once you know how the limits are off and the prices are actually not so high. In London the working women are not displayed behind a window, but they are shown on internet website with all the detailed pictures and information you need.

The walk and information about both places were eye-openers and that’s even for me who writes and researches and even teaches about sex for a living!

Let’s get to it and I will tell you some of the most interesting and surprising things I learned about what it’s like to be a woman today selling sex in the Red Light District or London escorts in the capital of the United Kingdom.

London Escorts And The Ladies In The Windows Of Amsterdam Are Independent Contractors

amsterdam sex workersIn order to offer your services on a website with London escorts you need to be registered with the HMRC, where you actually set up your own escorts business in which you are the sole trader.

Once established, you can rent a space in any London escorts website and be advertised by their marketing team. These pages can only be shown to the public with for the time you working. London escorts are not paying rent like the Amsterdam sex workers do. In the capital of the UK they just need to pay a percentage of their earnings and they go up to 50%. In Ponju we ask just for £15 per booking, which is a bit less that 20%.

In exchange for this percentage, London escorts receive temporary marketing and promotion of their services, advertising, as well as a private driver who is on her disposal, but the ladies are responsible to pay him separately.

Because all London escorts are independent contractors, they are in fact their own boss. This means that the escorts as well as the sex workers of Amsterdam decide for themselves when they want to work, for how long, and how many clients they want to see.

London Escorts And Amsterdam Sex Workers Are Very Selective About Their Clients

When we are talking about customer, the ladies who work as London escorts and behind the windows in Amsterdam are pretty picky when it comes to who they’ll do business with or serve with their beautiful company, and it’s not uncommon for London escorts to turn prospective clients down. You read it right – just because these ladies are selling company or sex doesn’t mean they have to sell it to anyone who has the cash.

Many rich men are likely to be refused service if they are disrespectful or rude, show any sign of violence or danger, are excessively drunk, or appear to be lacking personal hygiene. There are big chances that if she avoids making eye contact, she’s not interested in your cash and she will look for it somewhere else.

Amsterdam Sex Workers And London Escorts are Not Required To Get STD Tested

You are probably thinking that inn Amsterdam, a city and country where prostitution is legal and regulated, to make STD checks is probably compulsory.  But in the Netherlands that is not the reality. The law doesn’t regulate this and doesn’t even make sure that the sex workers are using condoms.

In the capital of United Kingdom the ladies who are working as London escorts are legally entitled to do whatever they want in their time, even with customers. No one is saying that they can not make sex. But the freedom is so much that no one is asking them to make any health checks. The government is providing free condoms and London escorts can request them at any medical centre or even some pharmacies.

There are several organisations in Amsterdam that provide low-cost or free health services to sex workers. As a result, most workers do get tested with some frequency. Most workers will also insist on using a condom with everyone for every sex act. London escorts on the other side of the English channel are also entitled to free health checks by the British Health Service, just like any other person in UK.

They’re Both Probably Not Making As Much Money As You Think

The ex sex worker with huge experience in Amsterdam told us that the going rate for “basic sex”—by which she meant missionary position is 50 Euro (about £45) for a 15 to 20 minute session. Of course, many men do negotiate to do more or stay longer, but only if they are willing to pay extra cash. On the expense side they are paying about 150 Euro (approximately £130) in one of the best places and during the peak time.

London escorts on the other side are paying their percentage to the agency and their driver after they have done a booking, which is risk free opportunity for business. The rates for London escorts are £80 to £200 per hour, not to mention the VIP services where prices can go up to few thousands. But after they pay their marketing and travel costs they keep for themselves between £50 and £100 per hour. But London escorts need a lot of time for travel between jobs.

Working The Windows Or Being London Escorts Is Usually A Short Career

Our interviewer the Amsterdam lady who have worked as sex worker told us that most Jasmine Sexy Brazilianladies who are working behind the windows only do so for a relatively brief time period of one or two years. In my experience London escorts are actually working for longer, but they tend to change the agencies every few months and even the cities. There is a big chance that one sex worker from Amsterdam after her short career in Netherlands then become one of London escorts with experience or the other way around.

There are several reasons for their short career, including the fact that competition for windows or London escorts has increased recently because Amsterdam has closed many of them and London seem more attractive. As a result, this has led the cost of rent to rise in both cities as well the transport and marketing in London is so much more expensive. However, the price of sex has not increased, which means it’s no longer as profitable as it used to be.

Many London escorts who start in the windows ultimately leaves to do private escort work instead. London escorts can work out of their own home or a client’s home and, therefore, don’t have to pay for window, excluding the incall London escorts. These ladies usually have regular clients and that makes their income more predictable.