Some unusual things that turns on men in North London escorts

Exotic Fit Lady From North London EscortsWe all have used to think that men are tuned on from ideal lace lingerie and perfect forms. But is this the reality? The representative of the strong sex are actually turned on by some very odd and unusual things in North London escorts. Here are some of the most unusual things and how the sexy North London escorts handle them.

The morning stretch is very sexy for some

Men in general are appreciating the “cozy” women. Of course they won’t be disappointed of a sexy North London escorts with short skirts and high heels but the sweet morning stretches in a pajama are turning them on not less than a naughty striptease. First because the woman who has just woken up looks more fragile and second – in this moment the North London escorts belongs completely to her partner. And there is no better feeling than that for a man in North London. So ladies if you want your morning to start with something more than coffee stretch.

Anger is a turn on too

Until recent days there is still no scientific explanation why men are so attracted to angry women from North London escorts. But it is a fact that the gents like frustrated ladies. Probably all of you ladies have heard the phrase “you are so pretty when you are mad”. Some ladies from North London escorts might thing that this is just a way of men to calm them down or to make them even more angry, but the truth is that they really enjoy that anger beauty. And the passionate sex is always a good way to fix things after a fight with North London escorts.

Messy hair is sexy for men

This is working in the same principal as the morning stretch in pyjama. The North London escorts look cosy and homey without a hairstyle or make-up. These gorgeous ladies from North London escorts may lose hours every day for fixing their hair, to buy hair driers and stuff, but the fact is that men likes you not because of your perfect hairstyle. Maybe the big secret is that he likes you, not the perfect hairstyle of North London escorts.

Another shock for women is that men like them without make-up

It is not a surprise that women and especially North London escorts are spending a fortune on cosmetics. In the length of a lifetime of a woman the amount spent is Naturally Stunning Sexy Brunetteastronomical. But most men are indifferent to the make-up on North London escorts’ faces and some absolutely hate it on the face of their woman. Even though there is a common joke among the ladies from North London escorts that the natural looking make-up takes more time and effort than the vulgar one, at the end of the day men like it natural. And don’t forget that the man next to you want to kiss you and enjoy that, not to have a mouth full of lipstick and fondant. So when you put any make-up on you have in mind that it can get men’s attention but it can also to turn them off when they have a closer contact.

Chequered shirt

What can be sexier than a woman from North London escorts by with a chequered shirt? No matter if the shirt is worn on naked body of on top of sleeveless t-shirt in the men’s eyes this particular woman turns into a rebel who is ready to experiment in the bed. But North London escorts have to be careful and to change the chequered from time to time otherwise they will turn in to regularity and regularity is boring.

North London escorts with a little sexy belly

Nevertheless that the adverts and TV are showing us that women have to have perfect figures, six packs and no belly, the normal man is thinking otherwise. The perfect woman from North London escorts would rise these questions in every normal man – What should I do with this? Put it on the display? To just look at it? And many more questions and at the end of the day, who is going to cook around here? Most men prefer women with little curves in the right places and a little belly is something that actually turns them on. A belly in North London escorts can be used as a pillow to put there head when resting in front of the TV. And on top of that when the lady that he booked from North London escorts is not perfectly shaped he is feeling better about his own body and not worry if he is not perfect himself.

 Some little wrinkles can be sexy too

Every woman even the beauties from North London escorts falls in her little depression when she sees the first wrinkles on her face. For them they are the first step towards the inevitability. But the men who adore North London escorts think otherwise. There is no need, of course to get all wrinkled up but for men a little wrinkles are very sexy – they show that the woman is mature and experienced, including in the bed, which of course turns on many men. And on top of that the mimic wrinkles around the eyes and mouth means that the North London escorts that have them are laughing a lot and who doesn’t like the cheap company of a lady who is fun and enjoys the time with her customer.

 North London escorts with small tits are very popular nowadays

Sexy Brunette Escorts In North LondonRegardless of the commonly spread opinion that every single men like North London escorts with big boobs, there are a lot of men who like them with small. Sometimes men are even turned down by big breasts. Most of men are appreciating the form and the size of the women’s breasts not the size of them. And these proportions are better in North London escorts with smaller tits. Smaller tits are lighter, they look more appealing and tight and they keep their shape for longer.

Ladies with glasses are naughty and sexy

The glasses because of which girls get offensive nicknames in school have exactly the opposite effect in grown-ups. North London escorts with glasses looks more fragile and without a defence or can be exactly the opposite – confident and independent. Both versions are stimulating the men’s sexual fantasies.

Low voice is so naughty and sexually stimulating

First of all the screaming voice is annoying for everyone and I mean everyone, and second – who would be able to survive this annoying sound all night? Men find the low and slightly rough voice of North London escorts very teasing and sexually attractive. Just imagine this voice whispering in your ears some naughty things, which man would resist it? And on top of this the thick voice of North London escorts is a guarantee that even if the lady turns out to be trouble maker, he won’t end up with deaf ears.

Pale zones on tanned body turns on men

Even though that pale signs of bikini and tops on your tanned body won’t make North London escorts look like top models from a fashion magazine, men like these little zones very attractive and opening their imagination. Do you wander why? Everything is very simple – on the background of tanned skin this little pale zones seem more like more naked.

Long dresses can also be tempting for men in North London

A lady from North London escorts with a longer dress means, that the she is hiding something. And our mothers and grandmothers have thought us from kids that we don’t need to uncover everything from the beginning. So in this term long dresses all the way to the ankles are a good friend of North London escorts. For men under them it may be hidden something extremely natural and unbelievable sexy and even if he has seen her already completely naked.

Bare feet can be so exciting in the fantasies of men

Once upon a time, when women and North London escorts couldn’t even dream of today’s liberality, the bare feet were something like a hint of naked woman. Bare foot of North London escorts were showing that she is not wearing any socks. And this little technic was functioning incredibly efficient with men.