The Hottest Sex Positions From “Game Of Thrones” With South London Escorts

Playful And Naughty South London EscortsThe sex is this hot and inseparable part of the famous TV series of Games of thrones. Without this part the production wouldn’t be the same. During the seven seasons we have seen numerous hot scenes among which there were traditional and not so traditional sex scenes. But among the scandal moments there are some that can really be of our interest and advantage in real life and in sex with South London escorts. Here we will describe a list of our favorite sex positions in Game of Thrones and how you can use them to have even more fun with the stunning ladies from South London escorts by

Oral Love in Standing Position

In this position the receiving end is the lady, who is standing with a bended in the air. Her partner is standing on his toes and she is leaning on a wall. This is the position that they showed as in the cave. Actually this pose is not so strange and unknown for South London escorts, but usually the lady is the one giving and the male customer receiving. But if you are a man who likes to satisfy, even though you pay for receiving pleasure, then this position exactly like in the movie is going to be very hot and turning on for you while delivering pleasure to South London escorts.

The Mother Of The Dragons

The man is laying on his back and one of his legs is bent. The lady is on top, riding him and holding his bent knee. This position lets the South London escorts ride you and control the situation, it also enables them to get you deeper and warmer. Them holding your knee also lets you enjoy the view from a different angle compared to the usual she on top. South London escorts are professionals and they can ride you in any position but that is a little bit of twist.

Hot Threesome

Actually you don’t have to be three for this position, the third element can be substituted with a vibrator. What the pose is actually: the lady is laying on her back at the end of a table or a bed, while her partner or partner are penetrating in her. Interestingly you can share that position with a mate. But just a heads up – most South London escorts are not prepared to make a threesome with two guys, but you can discuss this with them when you book and get the escorts phone number. Instead they like and most of them would agree to a threesome with another South London escort.

Doggy Position

Sexy Exotic Blonde Escort in South LondonIf you want wild, animal sex with South London escorts this is your position. The lady just needs to kneel while you as her partner penetrate from behind. If you want to make the atmosphere closer to the one in the Game of Thrones then just light up some candles around the room and turn off any other lights. What to comment on this position more, it is probably the most common position when having sex with South London escorts as it is easy, without any visual contact and you can go wild.

The Iron Throne

In this position you are both standing, while the man is a little bit bent in the knees. You can do this sex position while sitting as well in which the man is sitting comfortable and the girl from South London escorts is controlling the game with her back towards him. This is the moment for a woman to feel like a real queen. South London escorts can tell you that this position is very pleasurable for the men as he can just relax and enjoy the movement of his partner.

Six Positives For South London Escorts From Oral Love

We all love to do this thing that not only bring us pleasure, but also numerous benefits for the health – sex. It is known and famous that the traditional sexual act is making us happy, brings positives for the health condition, helps us to fight stress and even to lose some kilograms. We all love to make sex, but some of us are ignoring the oral part of the pleasure. That’s why we have South London escorts to help us feel the best of this sexual thing to remind us. It is a huge mistake for women and men to ignore it and here are the reasons why. First of all the men adore this type of sexual pleasure and if they are being ignored for too long they are not going to be fully satisfied and happy. But also it turns out that it is incredibly healthy for the woman to give oral sex. Here are six facts confirming that which we have consulted with South London escorts from Ponju Escorts and how they feel about these aspects:

Oral Love Is Making The Lady Younger

We are not joking. Maybe you have heard about the fact that the semen liquid is healthy for the skin and is even used to make some creams for rejuvenating. And if the cosmetic industry has admitted this incredible quality of the men’s product who are we to object?

South London escorts are admitting that hidden they use the semen from their customers and spread it on their face. This of course bring additional pleasure for the customer, but South London escorts are saying that it really has great effect on the facial skin.

It reduce the risk of breasts cancer

It is proven that the ladies who are practicing oral sex at least twice a week are a lot less in the risk of getting and developing breast cancer. This fact is based on the chemicals that are in the semen. And exactly these chemicals are the ones that prevent this sickness.

Pleasure Time With Pretty Toned GirlWe can’t really say if South London escorts are protecting themselves by making oral love, but what we can say for a fact is that we don’t have any case of a South London escorts getting breast cancer. But if the reason is that South London escorts are making a lot of oral love to their customers or because they are very sexually active in general or some other reason – it is a fact the girls working for Ponju escorts never had breast cancer.

It reduce the morning sickness in pregnant women

Some women are having a horrible morning sickness and they should know that the solution is sleeping right next to them. The solution is in their partner, who is there and they just need to “squeeze him”. It is known that the semen is acting like an emollient because it bring a hormonal balance in the ladies.

That we can confirm from two of the South London escorts, who were pregnant and have experienced bad morning sickness. They said that it was horrible, but they gave it a try and actually swallowing a little bit of semen helped them incredibly a lot.

It increase the memory

The South London escorts who are delivering pleasures with oral love often are able to forget about memory loss. They just don’t forget things and are great in remembering things and occasions.

Oral sex improves the sleeping quality

If a woman has a problem with sleeping or the quality of the dreams? Then it means that she is making too little of oral sex. This is the best way to fight stress and makes you relax, so it helps sleep better and longer. Proven way to have a healthy sleep of South London escorts.

Prevent men from prostate cancer

At last there is one healthy positive for us men too. A fact that we have to know and remember every time when you want to hold the come is that the more ejaculation a man has the less a chance for a prostate cancer he gets. So men, take care of yourself and get all the oral sex from South London escorts that you need to prevent prostate cancer.