Say No To These Women, Suggested by West London Escorts

Sexy West London EscortsProbably not all types of women makes you to excited, right? West London escorts even believe that probably most them make you go crazy one way or another. Why? How? Which types? Have a look under for a list and funny comments. West London escorts are telling us and we agree with them totally, which types of women drive us men go crazy. These ladies that are professional companions know very well  what makes men crazy and know how not to be that women and they do well.

Load Women are annoying and can drive anyone crazy, and I mean everyone not just men. Probably you know at least one like that – she talks loud, laughs loud and in general want everybody to hear her, in the whole area. Just after ten minutes with her your head is banging for help. Just imagine that woman in the bed, no it won’t be cool, it will drive you crazy and you will want her to fall asleep so you can have some quite time.

West London escorts can be loud only if you ask them to be

And in certain situations. Usually they are very discreet and tender. Most of the girls have this tender lady voice that tickles your ears. No shouting, not laughing like a donkey on a bridge. Always tender time with West London escorts from Ponju.

The next type of girls that are very annoying, according to West London escorts and I am sure we all agree are the women that talk about manicures, facial cream, make-up, clothes, shopping, smoothies, hairstyles and all everything they talk is sweet, cute and pink. Does any of these topics drives you crazy? No worries, we know what you feel, we all sympathies you. By the way West London escorts look great, sexy and all, but they are professional escorts and won’t talk about these things with you. They will talk on the topics that you like and you feel comfortable. So you won’t meet this type of annoying ladies with West London escorts

There is one particular type of women that not only think that they know everything but also insist on showing you this all the time. She has read two-three books in her life, but says that she is crazy about reading. She says she was visiting opera almost every night. Every other night she is going to theatre. She will tell you that she uses only one particular type of makeup. She has affected manners and you wish you could beat her in the head with her own bag that costs a thousand pounds.

Talking about women that know everything, some of our West London escorts are really smart and educated, but like real ladies they will not show you this and insist on being so smart. This is a manner of the stupid women and West London escorts are not. Ponju escorts will use their knowledge and intelligence to make your night better and serve you in exchange of their hourly fee.

Annoying Women Are Not From Ponju EscortsThe jealous women are a very, very annoying and drives us men crazy. If you have a girlfriend that is jealous you are seriously fucked up. But even if she is not, it is still incredibly painful to watch how some jealous woman is treating her boyfriend, follows him if he is checking out other girls and which one exactly, checks his phone and in general he is henpecked. She may make scenes, to cry, to shout and to make scenes and even to try to hit him. We and West London escorts are serious about this – stay away from women like that.

You know, the main reason people are calling companies like us and looking for West London escorts is that they don’t care about other women in your life. They know that they are the other woman and can’t be jealous of you. Or at least they won’t treat you like that and won’t drive you crazy in that manner.

Some women are just stupid, not silly, but seriously stupid and that can drive any normal man crazy. “what if I am listening to hip hop music It is still English music right?” she says proud. She doesn’t read anything and watches all the time these stupid comedy shows on the local TV channels and is a fanatic fan of all reality shows, but her favourite is the Kadrashians. She is prod that she has never watched Discovery channel or any documentary movie. West London escorts are totally controversial with these girls. But the most important they realize that to be stupid is not attractive to men and they want to be educated and interesting for their clients. Ponju is carefully choosing its West London escorts to be sophisticated and smart, but to show tenderness and modesty. Well, modesty in her manners, but her clothes have to show the beauty and sexuality.

Something that scares every men is a woman to be very boring. They don’t have hobbies, no friends, agrees with everyone and are very quiet. They also tend to stand back and never defend their point of view. Sometimes they are very pretty and sexy but can’t impress men much. These type of women are answering with one word and don’t like to give a long explanation. If you ask her where she wants to go she will tell you “wherever you like”. The same answer you will get when choosing food or a film.

With West London escorts you won’t have any problems like that.

Beautiful Brunette From West London EscortsThey have many friend, more than you want to know about. West London escorts have many interesting experiences too and they just can’t be boring. These ladies have their own opinion and will express it when asked. They also know what they want and how to get it

The last and maybe the most annoying women are these that want to be with you all the time. Obsessive women are so annoying. They will keep asking if they can come with you to the stag party or to go with you to the bar. She will insist on going together to the shop. It is best for her to even take a shower together or the worst thing is – to go to toilet together. And it is so annoying when you want to go to the loo and she asks you – “where are you going?”. She wants to know where you are all the time, but not because she is jealous but because she has no personal life. Maybe that’s why she wants to destroy yours.

But as in every other point here as well West London escorts are absolutely on the other side. They don’t care about your other life and will not intrude. They respect your personal life and want to be with you only when you pay them to. Even if they like you more than her other clients she won’t intrude and will let you book her whenever you feel like spending time with her.