Cheap London Escorts

Cheap London Escort

No introduction! In my website you can find London escorts for just £80 per hour and that’s it! Down here you can see some of the girls that are working with us, but if you want to see the full list of cheap London escorts go to Working Now.

But let me explain you what is Cheap London Escorts. The word “cheap” stands only for the price of it and not the quality. The price is simple and bold – £80 per hour and no other expenses. So if you call now and ask for a certain girl from our working now list, we will tell her your address and your phone number and she and her driver will get to you as soon as possible. In 83% of the cases in London it means up to 30-40 minutes she will be on your doorstep or whenever you asked us to meet you. Now here is the difference with other agencies, who provide cheap London escorts – some will charge you for her minicab, some will want you to pay in advance. In Ponju, we won’t ask for anything more! When the girl arrives on your doorstep she would kindly ask you if you want to be with her one hour or more and to pay her the amount before your meeting starts. But remember she will not ask you to pay for any minicab, or any extras. It is all included in our price of £80 per hour. If she does try to ask for an additional amount of money, please ring us and we will sort it out. No girl is allowed to charge more than the stated price of £80 per hour.

Cheap London Escorts – Great Service?

I know when you advertise the cheapest service on the market people might think that the quality is very low. But give us a chance and we will prove this wrong. The reason why our prices are cheaper than the most agencies in London is that we as an agency take less money per booking. We are not greedy, we just want everybody to be happy. Happy escorts, happy customer and eventually we will get happy too. To keep our London escorts happy we keep them busy with more jobs but we still pay them the average amount of money for a job, which in London is about £50 pound per hour. The rest of the money goes to the drivers and for marketing purposes. We take about £5 from each booking. That is all our profit! Compared to some greedy people who are making £50-£60, we are like the Amazon in the London Escorts market.

That is how we from are making the great service to be also cheap service. And really, where else you can get cheap London escorts for just £80 per hour. You can try of course, it is a free country and a free market, but don’t be shy to come back to us after you fail finding cheaper options.

In some men’s eyes it is even cheaper to book a London escort, that to go on a date with a girl. It cuts all the bullshit and the expenses around being romantic. Think about it! Flowers – £20, dinner for two in an average restaurant – £30, few drinks after diner – £30, minicab home – £20, all this makes it £100 before you even get to second base. Yes, nothing can change that experience of seduction and romance, but for those who have no time for bullshit London escorts has been for long time the solution. And now with the cheaper services that we provide it is the solution to many middle class men too. Cheap London escorts is affordable, time-saving and still great fun.

Types of Cheap London Escorts

I want to give you some information about the different types of cheap London escorts. We are doing our best to have different types of girls, and they are not all offering the same services as you can see from their profiles. As in life you are meeting girls and you should describe them with two words what would they be? Some are party, some are tender, some are nerds. That would describe their character. But if you want to tell something to your friend about a certain girl, how would you try to remind him who are you talking about. Probably something like that: “Do you remember the busty brunette at work?”; “You know her, the party blonde”; “That naughty redhead with the nice bum”. In the industry we also describe our cheap London

Patricia Busty Brunette

Patricia Busty Brunette

escorts in a similar way, to be easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Busty Brunette

These two words say all about the outlook of this type of cheap London escorts. Probably you can see from the pictures as well, but sometimes the images and the proportions are laying the eye. Busty escorts are the most men’s favourite, for some reason. It is easy to amaze a man with a big rack. One thing that you should be aware of and that I personally don’t like much in busty girls is that some of the comes with a big bum and even a belly. You either have to like these features or be careful not to end up dating a cheap London escort which might be fat in some standards. A  great example of our escorts is Patricia (picture and link on the right). She is not only busty but really fit and toned. And not just a brunette, but with amazing black hair and tanned skin to mach it all.

Party Girl

This expression means that the cheap London escorts that you are looking into is open minded and ready to party. You know what I mean. Some girls are shy, some are tender, some don’t like drinking and going out in crowds, but party girls are ready for all. They want to have party, they want to drink with you, they don’t mind sniffing something nasty in your company. You don’t need to do much to trigger them, they will bring the party to you. We have a number of them as this is a very popular cheap London escorts type and we try to keep up with the trend.

 British Escorts

Katy British Escort

Katy British Cheap London Escort

This type of cheap London escorts have become popular with their temper and naughtiness. The name British escort in this industry means not only that the girls are with a British origin, but also that they are the dirty one, the naughtiest ladies in the industry. They will play, they will dance naughty for you, they are dominant and will make you craw and lick their boots. They will usually do anything you want them to do. British girls are not shy at all and this is what they are famous for. The naughtiest fantasies that you have can become a reality with British escorts. Just think of something and they are there to do it. You want a girl to talk to you dirty with a British accent, this is the type of cheap London escorts that can do it with pleasure.

Katy is a shy example of the term. She is a real British, grown up the heart of London and speaks with very cute and tender accent. Meeting her on the street doesn’t give her up, but in private she is the typical British escort that we are talking about – naughty, nasty, party. There are no boundaries with this type of cheap London escorts. And we are proud to have few of the best British escorts on our website.

This is the basic information about cheap London escorts that we offer, the services, the prices, the expectations. I am also giving you some information about the types of escorts you could meet on our website and probably other agencies’ pages.

Thanks for reading, I am happy to be helpful.

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