Katy Elite Party Girl


    • Age: 23
    • Dress size: 9
    • Build: Fit
    • Height: 171 cm
    • Hair: Brunette
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Nationality: European
  • Other: Outcall, Fit, Tall


  • 1st Hour: £80
  • Extra 30 min: £60
  • Extra 1 Hour: £80
  • Overnight: £400

With Katy Elite Party Girl you will enjoy the party and have fun Call Now Ponju

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This is a normal belief that a girl should never have any problem discovering a partner for the party. Certainly, that is true in the majority of the situation but not all the time. In truth, sometimes a lady does not get any buddy for the party. If you are in the same type of problem and you likewise stop working to get Katy Elite Party Girl, then I have some tips that can assist you in this requirement.

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